The art of Jonathan Green has inspired a beautiful collection of luxury accessories and gifts.  All products designed by Jonathan Green will delight the senses and bring you the wonderful spirit of the Lowcountry.

A Shawl 4 Every Season

Our shawls can be worn in many ways, or used as a textile art for the home. Shop our shawl collection now.

Inspired by the paintings of Jonathan Green, The Four Seasons Collection of luxury silk satin shawls represent the coastal waters of the Sea Islands, their blue skies and green gold marshes.

Featured in the collection are Marshland Landscape, Evening Seascape, Day Skyscape and Fire Grass. Each shawl is made of fine imported silk and finished in the artist’s home state of South Carolina. JG Collection gold plated clip comes with each shawl
shawls scarves inspired by Jonathan Green


Artist Jonathan Green of Charleston SCThe paintings of Jonathan Green (American b. 1955) dwell on the American rural southeast, the coastal waters of the Sea Islands, their green-gold marshes and oceanic fields of Carolina rice.

Green grew up in the Gullah communities of South Carolina, where West African immigrants reserve linguistic and craft traditions with roots across the Atlantic. Jonathan Green is considered to be one of the foremost American painters depicting the southern experience. He’s taken his passion for art to bring you the Jonathan Green Collection.

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Jonathan Green is known for his skills in capturing flowing colorful fabrics in the breeze honoring the subjects in his paintings. When in France, his painted silk shirts were featured in the fashion shows for the House of Pierre Balmain and his designs have been incorporated into high-end fashion dresses for the Valentino Boutique in Naples, Florida and ballets throughout the country.

Author Pat Conroy once observed, “The Gullah people depicted in Jonathan Green’s world look like they got dressed while staring at rainbows.”

Jonathan Green Collection brings you the magic of the artist’s work in new, exciting forms.


Lowcountry Rice Culture Project is a non-profit initiative by artist Jonathan Green and strategic partners that serves as a central forum for activities that explore, reveal, and reclaim the shared cultural inheritance of the southeastern Lowcountry rice industry. This collective experience serves as a basis for promoting community development and advancing the cause of human dignity.

Lowcountry Rice Culture Project

Find more info at A portion of each sale of Lowcountry Rice Culture-inspired products supports the Foundation to further its vital mission.

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