Breath of Freedom Bow Tie

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Breath of Freedom Bow Tie

Breath of Freedom accessories represent the painting of the same name by Jonathan Green. This work was inspired by a story told to the artist by the Honorable Richard M. Gergel, who recounted the scene at the Charleston Federal Courthouse on opening day of the first legal challenge to public school segregation, Briggs v Elliott on May 28, 1951, whereupon a large crowd gathered to gain entrance to the courtroom. The trial’s presiding judge, J. Waties Waring remarked that these citizens had come on a pilgrimage seeking “freedom and liberty”. “To me”, he added, “its awfully heartening when people suddenly sniff a little breath of freedom”*. Upon hearing this story as told by Judge Gergel, Jonathan Green returned to his studio and promptly produced ‘Breath of Freedom’ which now enjoys a prominent home at the Charleston Federal Courthouse.

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Breathe of Freedom Bow Tie

From the Breath of Freedom Collection

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